About Us

Darren, along with his children, Tjark and Abby, are the fourth and fifth generations to raise sheep on the Sattler Farm. Darren’s great grandparents purchased the farm when Darren’s grandfather was in his teens. Darren’s parents, Don and Diane, took over the operation in 1967.

Growing up, the Sattler’s sold lamb by the carcass. In 1989, Darren and his wife Cheri, who passed away in 2014, took over the farm from Darren’s parents. After many requests for individual cuts, the farm became licensed to sell lamb meat by the cut in 2007. The business has steadily expanded mainly by word-of-mouth and several years of attending farmers markets. We only do a limited few markets now as most of our sales are directly off the farm.

Over the years, the family has produced many champion lambs on the county, regional and state levels, showing that desire and track record of producing quality animals. Darren, Darren’s father Don, Darren’s brother and sister Dexter and Donna, and both children Tjark and Abby, have all shown prize winning market lambs. Abby also exceled at producing wool clothing and was a Wisconsin State Fair Lead Class Champion 5 years. Tjark has made agriculture his career and is currently working as an Agriculture Education Teacher and FFA Advisor at Parkview High School in Ordfordville, WI. Abby also helps the business through social media and farmer’s markets. Both kids help out on the farm as much as they can.

Our flock consists of Suffolk/Hampshire wether-style crossbred ewes. These breeds are known for their large skeletal structure and muscling which produces a meaty carcass. Our breeding practices utilize raising our own replacement ewes and purchasing rams outside the flock for breeding improvements.